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Hello there, my name is Caiti. I'm 16 and I like drawing, going to shows, and listening to music. I reblog bands, tattoos, and cats for the most part. Feel free to ask me stuff! lost at sea Image and video hosting by TinyPic


Mascara, 1917

Whoa now this is what I call a history lesson

Let The Ocean Take Me

do you ever just wonder if there’s someone who secretly thinks about you and wants to talk to you but doesn’t know how

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Shanesha Taylor was arrested on March 20th by the Scottsdale Police for leaving her children ages 2 and 6 months in her car while she interviewed for a job. Ms. Taylor was homeless and could not access any child care. Her desperation to provide for herself and her children and her lack of options led her to take drastic measures in search of employment. Ms. Taylor needs support & help rather than incarceration and a criminal record that will surely decrease her chances to provide for her children in the future. We ask that Maricopa County use common-sense and provide support for Ms. Taylor and her children rather than punishment.
Shanesha Taylor is still in jail pending a $9,000 bond.

Help drop the child abuse charges against Shanesha Taylor by signing this petition at change.org. Here’s the link: http://www.change.org/petitions/bill-montgomery-drop-the-child-abuse-charges-against-shanesha-taylor?recruiter=13739587&utm_campaign=twitter_link_action_box&utm_medium=twitter&utm_source=share_petition

Don’t just reblog, make sure to sign!
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no offense but i want to set you on fire

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Brand New//Okay I Believe You, But My Tommy Gun Don’t

Total Lunar Eclipse (April 15, 2014) | Matthew Crowley